BPO training in Chandigarh - If you are searching for the BPO training in Chandigarh then do not look further. Business Process Outsourcing is becoming one of the famous professions nowadays. We at Smart Talk provide the Best BPO coaching in Chandigarh as we offer the largest, pan-domain Certification programs for BPO professionals. Smarttalk is treated as qualification benchmarks for different BPOs and call centers all over India. We have created a powerful new way to build the employability of youths in all major BPOs. We train our candidates in various required aspects of BPOs like CRM, telephonic etiquette etc.

Business Process Outsourcing requires specially trained and educated or skilled people to perform the task efficiently and effectively and help in improving the productivity of the organization. Our team at Smarttalk is not only experienced but also are talented enough to make you a professional. By choosing us, you are sure to get a bright future in the field of BPO.


This course is the most suitable course for those who would like to work in BPO industry or in a Call Center and also want to learn the skills through which they will be able to work well in the BPO industry.


  • 1. Customer Relationship Management.
  • 2.Concept of Ics
  • 3. Telephonic Etiquettes
  • 4. Communication Skills
  • 5. Barriers to effective Communication Skills
  • 6. Listening skills
  • 7.Listening v/s hearing.
  • 8.Insight into BPO Concept in India
  • 9.Working of BPO & Call Centers
  • 10.Types of Call Centers.


  • 1. Training through certified “Expert” trainer.
  • 2. A real systematic path through daily Itineraries.
  • 3. Smarttalk’s own made software LRWS.
  • 4. Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries.
  • 5. Assessment pre/post test.
  • 6. 2 Books + 1 Software.
  • 7. Software for Neutralization of Accent
  • 8. After course, certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company

Benefits of Choosing BPO sector for Career

Business Process Outsourcing has the leading market all over the world. It saves the time of an individual as well as company and helps the executives to explore new revenue areas by sitting at one place only. It also helps to accelerate other projects and focus on their customer. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Business Process Outsourcing that are sure to convince you to take up this training course.

  • BPO helps in optimum utilization of the resources which results in the efficiency and productivity.
  • It helps in the cost reduction by several processes like improvements, re-engineering, and with the effective and efficient use of technologies.
  • Many BPOs provides the flexible services to meet the customers changing requirements, and to support company acquisitions, consolidations, and joint ventures.

The Increasing Demand of BPO coaching in Chandigarh

Business Process Outsourcing is the fastest growing hub in the Indian market. India has the cheap labor availability. That’s why BPO is increasing in India and in many countries like USA, Japan, China and many more. And with the good communication skills, people are opting to work in this sector. The candidates pursuing a course in BPO are working in the support executive, customer support executive, technical support executive and many more. This demand is expected to increase in the coming time as well. Other reason that supports its growth is it is not only helpful in shaping person's future but also help the organizations to earn profits like never before.

Why to Choose Smart talk for the BPO Coaching in Chandigarh?

BPO training with the Smart Talk is the best option to grab the top class placement all over the world. As well as they will provide you the best training to specialize in the area you are choosing. Our ambiance will help you for sure if you acquire skills efficiently and effectively. Unlike the other BPO institutes in Chandigarh, our main focus is on to shape the student's future. We offer the efficient and useful courses at affordable rates which encourage every person to take up this course without any double thoughts. You can feel free to contact and browse us anytime to get possible details about the course and joining.

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