These days to survive in a competitive world as necessary as your education and certificates are. English is not only necessary in a work environment in fact it is also required on academics level, as all the professional courses make English speaking abilities a necessity and want good interactive students. Even in your daily life, English speaking has become a necessity, as you don't want to feel low or inferior to any one and thus we are providing you with such course which enables people to vercome their lack of confidence and complexes and enter the world of Globalization.

This course helps you to learn in phases. You can achieve such level of English, where you can enter in Smarttalk’s B-Course i.e. Smart English General course


Candidates who fall in C grade after the assessment done by certified counselor & for those who are novice in the field of learning English language and want to start learning from grass root and aspire to learn the tits & bits of English language.


  • 1. HAM Sessions.
  • 2. Picture Visualization
  • 3. General Sentences of daily use
  • 4. Specific vocabulary enrichment
  • 5. LRWS Practice
  • 6. Elementary Grammar, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Conjunction, Interjection, preposition.
  • 7.Tenses.
  • 8.JAM Session
  • 9.Tenses
  • 10.Tense based exercises
  • 11.Language games


  • 1. Training through certified “Expert” trainer.
  • 2. A real systematic path through daily Itineraries.
  • 3. Smarttalk’s own made software LRWS.
  • 4. Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries.
  • 5. Assessment pre/post test.
  • 6. After course, certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company.
  • 7. Software for Neutralization of Accent
  • 5 Books + 1 Software.

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