After carrying out schooling most of our adolescents begin trailing for specialized courses but they are not aware of the verity that along with these most covet courses like BBA, BCA, IIT etc. they also require to be well spruced with a strong dominion over language and the other skills which are must to survive in corporate world. Here is the situation where they entail SMARTTALK. All through the course we will not only help them with their sway over language but also in the by and large personality development and all the other skills required for the corporate world.


This course is compatible for those candidates who would like to develop the skills which would serve as a gate pass to the good job and also want to enhance their communication skills.


  • 1. Interview Skills.
  • 2. Resume making skills
  • 3. Group Discussion
  • 4. Do's & Don'ts in an interview
  • 5. SWOT Analysis
  • 6. Visual Communication
  • 7. Customer Handling Skills.
  • 8. Comandments of customer service
  • 9. Selling Skills
  • 10. 3AS of customer service.
  • 11. 3RS of fulfilling customer expectations.
  • 12. Type of customers
  • 13. Listening Skill
  • 14. Communication Skills


  • 1. Training through certified “Expert” trainer.
  • 2. A real systematic path through daily Itineraries.
  • 3. Smarttalk’s own made software LRWS.
  • 4. Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries.
  • 5. Assessment pre/post test.
  • 6. After course, certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company

Job Sectors

Retail store, Marketing Executive malls,BPOs, Call centre, Banks, Insurance, DSAs, Accountant, Counselor , Tele Caller , Trainer.

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