What is LRWS speak English Software.?

It is an audio visual universal way to learn Spoken English scientifically through specialized techniques developed by SNPL.

How It Works ?

It has four links. Through these links one can learn to Speak English fast.

These link are

  • 1. Home Tutor.
  • 2. Listening .
  • 3. Recording.
  • 4. V & A Session.

Copyrighted in 164 Countries including India

The content (concept, techniques, text, images, sound and video files, programs and script) of this package is copyright c smarttalk netcom (P) Ltd. in 164 countries including India. All rights reserved. The content of this package can be used for personal study and the authorised centres of SNPL. Any content printed or complied in DVDs, Cds or in books may not be sold further, licensed, copied or reported in whole or in part in any manner or in or onany media to any person without the prior written consent of SNPL.

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