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Top Methods to Crack IELTS Writing Test – Have you been longing to go outside India for a long time? Well, if yes, then your dreams cannot come true without knowing the best methods to crack IELTS writing test. Most people despite being Fluent in English, often fail to pass the English writing test. Therefore, if you are the one for whom writing is not a cup of tea then fret not. Here, we have come up with the top methods to crack IELTS with maximum bands.

How to crack IELTS writing exam

IELTS is one of the most common and significant breakthroughs that is important for people to go abroad. Most of the people especially the young generation is aspiring to move abroad these days. If you are serious about moving outside India, then it high time that you take both English writing and IELTS seriously. And it can be done by being a pro at writing the English language. 

The list of best methods to crack IELTS writing exam in the first attempt

English writing plays an important role in passing a tough exam called IELTS. This test is basically composed of 4 levels and writing is one of the most crucial levels among them. People often find it hard to pass the writing level as compared to speaking and listening. Therefore, if you are also going through the same problems then worry not. Here, we have brought you the top list of top IELTS preparation tips for writing. 

Writing styles 

Both American and British English is accepted in IELTS exam. But most people forget to follow the one basic rule when it comes to the writing test. Most of the people often mix these two totally different writing styles which eventually leads to poor scoring. Therefore, for better scoring of bands in the test, you must use these writing styles separately. 

Use synonyms and linkers 

English is an impressive and a global language, but to make it even better you can use some synonyms and linkers. Using both of them or different words in your writing will highlight your expertise in the language in a good way. They obviously make your writing interesting that will eventually help you score better in the exam. Below are some of the common examples of the linkers that you can use. 

  • Though. 
  • Although.
  • In spite. 
  • And. 
  • But.
  • Still etc. to name a few of them. 

Do not exceed the writing limit

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make mostly because to score better. People often waste their time writing unnecessary things or repeating the same lines in a different manner. Try to write to the point and do not exceed the word limit. As they say,  relevancy is the key to success, so try to make your writing more relevant than lengthy. 

Grammar and spellings

Now, this is yet another important part of English writing skills. You do not only have to know how to write but also in a correct manner. Grammar and spellings play a huge role in making the sentences relevant and easy to understand. You have to good at using tenses, sentence formation, etc. to name a few of them. This is one of the best methods that you can use to crack IELTS exam in one month. 

Write paragraphs 

If you are wondering how to crack IELTS exam with 8 and 9 bands then do not look any further. Writing short sentences in paragraphs will help you achieve better scores in this exam. One of other reason for this is writing shorter sentences will increase the relevancy and cut down the chances of mistakes. 


So, if you were looking for the best writing tips for IELTS exam then we hope this might have been of some use to use. Aforementioned tips are effective and are sure to get you maximum bands in the overall test. So, go through these tips and start working on your foreign dreams as soon as possible.