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Top 10 Tips to Crack IELTS Reading Test – Most people often lookout for the best tips to crack IELTS reading test. This is because of the reason that reading test in IELTS exam is one of the toughest hurdles to pass. If your speaking and writing skills are great, but lack in the reading then it could be difficult for you to pass this exam. Therefore, here we will let you know the top 10 tips to crack IELTS reading test on the first attempt. 

How to crack IELTS reading test

IELTS is one of the most famous tests and is accepted by a number of countries to check the individual’s English skills. Reding is one of the most troublesome steps in passing this exam for going abroad. Some people have fluent English but they fail to read among people. Therefore, if you are one of them then you definitely need to ponder on some English reading cracking tips for IELTS. 

How to crack IELTS reading test on the first attempt? 

Cracking IELTS is not everyone’s cup of tea especially for those with poor English reading skills. English apart from being an important language in the test is also a global language. Henceforth, it is important for you to be good at everything in English be it speaking, listening or writing. If you were looking out for the best IELTS reading cracking tips then you do not have to look any further. Here we will discuss how you can crack IELTS without coaching. 

 Practice reading 

This is one of the best methods for cracking IELTS reading test in one month or just in a few days. Most people have a hard time reading because they do not read on a regular basis. To get a better grip on this language reading, you have to read something anytime you have free time. You can read the below-mentioned things. 

  • Newspaper. 
  • Magazines. 
  • Articles. 
  • Books etc. to name a few of them. 

Read fast 

In order to be a pro at reading English, you have to read faster. Reading fast or at a normal speed is important to get better scores on the exam. Also, another tip that you can ponder on is trying to read the general or familiar English and not the one which is not used on a daily basis. 

Understand Reading 

Reading is not just about speaking the words louder among people. The reading test is basically to judge your scanning, analyzing and inferring skills. As we all know writing contains punctuation marks but you can also show them while reading. S, try to not read just aimlessly and focus on the small details. 

Divide the time 

In the IELTS test, there are different levels of reading and every level gets tougher than the older one. Therefore, you must be prepared for each and every level in the test. You must give the required time to both the simple and hard words. Hence, dividing the time accordingly can help you crack IELTS reading exam in 8 or 9 days. 

Some other tips to crack IELTS reading test with maximum bands

The aforementioned was the general tips that you can use to be good at reading the English language. Now, if you are looking for some more useful and technical tips that can help you in the test then this is the right place. Scroll down to know some of the beneficial tips to crack IETLS test. 

  1. The reading test includes both reading and answering the questions. The passages can be long, short or tricky, therefore, you must in your full preparation to read any kind of difficulty level. 
  2. To be able to give better answers, it is important to read the whole passage with interest. This will, furthermore, give you a fair idea about the whole context of the passage. 
  3. There is no negative marking in the test, so you can take your time in attempting the entire sets of the questions. 
  4. Do not directly jump to the passage, it is important for you to read both the headings and subheadings carefully. 
  5. IELTS exam does contain a lot of specific difficult words, therefore, it is advisable for you to not panic. 
  6.  Beware of using wrong spellings, punctuations and wrong singular and plurals. This leads to a heavy deduction in marks.


Therefore, we hope this might have been useful for you in getting some tips on cracking the IELTS exam. So, if you have an IELTS exam coming up in some days then do follow the above-mentioned tips. Therefore, go ahead and now start preparing for the reading test in IELTS.