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Top 10 Tips to Crack IELTS Speaking Test – Speaking test do not come with the luxury of revising the lines and then writing them down. In this section, you generally have to give response quickly and your first response should be your best effort. For passing this tough exam, most people lookout for the best tips to crack IELTS speaking test on the internet. As this is considered one of the toughest levels in the IELTS exam. Here, we will let you know some of the top tips to crack IELTS speaking test in one month. 

How to crack IELTS speaking exam

One of the major troubles is speaking confidently in front of the people and IELTS test demands you to be perfect at it. If you are one of those people who shies away from speaking then you definitely need some best tips to crack speaking test in IELTS exam. These tips are sure to give you the perfect results and maximum bands in the test that would be enough to make your foreign dreams come true. 

The list of top tips to crack IELTS speaking test without coaching 

IELTS speaking tips are basically useful for those who feel nervous around people. These tips are sure to prepare you to speak fluently and efficiently and also confidently in front of even thousands of people. Therefore, if you are also one of those people then scroll down to get the best possible results. Below is the list of the best ways to crack IELTS speaking tips. 


Timing seems to be one of the common issues that prevent people from scoring despite being great at English. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should be able to give fluent and relevant answers. In the test, some questions demand long and some short answers. So, prepare well and give answers accordingly. 


Most of the people often choose vocabulary over everything that leads to scoring low marks. While both of them have equal importance, you must choose fluent English over vocabulary anytime. It is easier to speak well than to spend time on thinking for a better word. This is one of the best methods for passing IELTS reading test. 

Add range 

This is yet another beneficial tip for you to pick if you are in the search for the effective ways to crack IELTS reading test in 10 days.  This is important because speaking in the same monotonous tone can trigger sleep and yawn. Therefore, to impress people it is important to add some range in between your speaking. 

Be smart 

Now, what usually happens that people start panicking when acknowledged to a foreign word. This leaves a wrong or bad impression of you. The best you can do to save yourself from this kind of problem is to ask for a little time to understand things. Below are some of the ways that you can use to get time. 

  • Asking them for a little time to understand. 
  • You could ask them for clarifying a specific word. 
  • Or you can just simply ask what that word means. 

Less Speaking 

Most people, generally, fail to get satisfactory results because they would not just stop talking. You do not obviously have to speak unnecessarily among people. The number of marks you will get will depend on how you speak and how much can you speak without any trouble. 

Other tips to crack IELTS reading test on the first attempt 

Now, if the above-listed tips are not enough for you to make a difference in your preparation then do not worry. Here we have come up with some other ways that you can use to get better results. Scroll down to check them all out to get the satisfactory results in IELTS. 

  1. One of the most effective ways of scoring the best is to throw away from pre-prepared or crammed answers. You have to be smart and innovative when it comes to passing the speaking level.
  2. Now, the mistake is one thing that people make all the time and IELTS reading test is no different. To avoid this, you can either speak on medium speed or can just correct yourself the moment you found your mistake. 
  3. Tough words might take up a little time to think when it comes to the speaking test. Therefore, it is important for you to stick with some smart words that are used on a regular basis. 
  4. While speaking, one rule you should not ever back out is on sticking to the grammar portion. 
  5. Always remember, the first impression is the last impression. Prepare your level best and showcase the best version of you in the speaking test of IELTS. 


So, we hope this might have been helpful for you in looking for the top tips to crack IELTS speaking test in few days. Aforementioned are the top, effective and proven tips that you can use to get the best possible results. Therefore, go ahead and now start working on these tips to get the maximum bands in IELTS test.